How do I update my nominated beneficiaries?

To update your nominated beneficiaries, download a new Death Benefit Nomination form.

Can I take my deferred benefits as cash now?

If you are aged under 55 then you are not usually permitted to take benefits from the Plan.  Under current legislation, you are unable to take benefits from a pension Scheme until you have reached the statutory minimum retirement age, which is currently 55.  You should be aware of  'pensions liberation' offers suggesting you are able to take your benefits before you reach age 55, which are recognised as a type of fraud.  The Pensions Regulator provides a range of support materials for members on its website ( which it has recently updated in light of the continuing risk posed by liberation schemes.

If you are over age 55 and considering your retirement choices, one of your options is to transfer your pension (as long as you meet certain conditions) in order to take advantage of the new pensions flexibilities from April 2015.  These include being able to take some, or all, of your pension as cash.

How can I trace my old pension?

The Pension Tracing Service is a free service provided by the Government and is the place to start when you are looking to locate a pension. The Pension Tracing Service can be contacted online at, by phone on 0800 731 0193 or in writing at:

Pension Tracing Service
The Pension Service 9
Mail Handling Site A
WV98 1LU

If the Pension Tracing Service confirm that any potential benefits are held under the Bayer Group Pension Plan then BBS will be able to search for a record of your Plan membership by your name, date of birth and National Insurance number.  If we are unable to locate a record of your Plan membership it is likely that you will have received a refund of your contributions, your benefits were transferred elsewhere or you have never been a member of the plan.  In this instance it will be your responsibility to prove your Plan membership by way of a Statement of Deferred Benefits - without this there is nothing more we can do if we don't hold a record.

How do I update my address?

If you are a deferred member please put your changes in writing and send to BBS.

How do I find out my estimated pension?

When you left employment with Bayer, you would have been issued with a pension statement that provided details of your deferred pension at that time. If you would like an update please contact BBS.