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Who deals with my tax affairs?

The tax office responsible for your Bayer pension is:

Pay As you Earn and Self Assessment
HM Revenue and Customs
Tel: 0300 200 3300

The Bayer reference number which you should quote if you contact the tax office will depend on the Section and Category you are a member of:

BCSPF Section - AgrEvo Category 567/XZ19559
BCSPF Section - CropScience Category 567/XZ19559
Group DB Section 567/UZ46573
SHCL Section 673/XA41880

HMRC will also require your National Insurance number.

We are unable to amend the tax code that is notified to us by HMRC and you will therefore need to contact them directly if you believe your tax code is incorrect.  When we have confirmation from HMRC of the correct code to use we will amend the tax code and correct the tax position. 

Do I receive a payslip every month?

You will not receive a payslip each month, instead payslips are issued to all pensioners in April each year. This usually happens if a change of tax code has been applied to your pension.

To access please log on to your 4myplan account.  If you have not already registered for an account you will be able to do so using this link.

How is my pension paid?

Your pension is paid monthly in advance. Please log on to your 4myplan account if you have a query about a payment date.

Your pension is paid directly into either your bank or building society account. For security reasons we do not pay your pension by cheque. We are also not able to pay your pension into any other person’s bank or building society account unless a Court Order, Power of Attorney or equivalent is obtained.

If your account has not been credited within 5 days of the payment day of any month please contact BBS.

Do I pay tax on my State pension?

Although tax is not deducted from the State Pension when you receive it, the State Pension is taxable. It is added to your Bayer Pension and any other income that you receive for the purpose of calculating your tax liability. Any tax which is due on your State Pension may be deducted from your Bayer Pension.

Who do I tell if I have moved or my bank/building society details have changed?

You will need to confirm the details of any change in address and/or bank account details in writing and send this to BBS.

A form is available via 4myplan.